Product Review – Azah Sanitary Pads

It sometimes bothers me that mothers who pay through their noses for toys, experiences, food and dresses, think so much when it comes to alternatives to environmentally unfriendly things and physically . Take for example our sanitary pads.

We still use those plastic lined, chemically infused gel liners which nestle close to our vaginas, spewing heat and cancer inducing chemicals into our body, but think a million times more if we would have to buy a natural alternative at a higher cost. That of course goes for all shampoos, soaps and products we use on our skin. But today I would like to concentrate on our sanitary pads.

Personally, I think it is convenient to use sanitary pads as they are sturdy and useful in these busy times. But the problem is that they are hot, itchy and cause rashes easily. I have been looking for an alternative for quite sometime now and was happy to lay my hands on the very aesthetically designed sanitary pad – Azah.

Azah Sanitary Pads – Ultra Soft, Organic pads

Azah Sanitary Pads – An organic alternative during periods

Why Azah?


Because I like their write up on the back of the pad –

Feeling healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Make the switch, because your body deserves better.

So true, isn’t it? A healthier, hygienic ‘you’ is more rewarding to your loved ones and to yourself.


The Packaging – I love the aesthetic, pleasing design and especially the motif of a petal on the box. The whole box has light pink and purple flowers in a mild print. Inside the box, the pads have individual packs and are placed neatly in rows. It is very easy on the eye. There is even a note inside the pack which looks like a thoughtful gesture.


However, when I saw the individual pads having their own premium packs, I thought it was just a hype to charge more in the name of organic pads. Was there a need to have individual packs with premium packaging? As I figured out later, apparently it does. The individual packs can be disposed off in the same pack instead of having to search for a paper or a plastic wrap to do the same. Turns out that even that addition was thoughtfully done.

The Product – True to their claim, the pads are super soft and cottony to feel. The gum behind the pad is strong and adheres to the panty quite well. The wings are well placed and prevent the pad from slipping. I used a regular size as my period flow is not very heavy, and not once did I have a problem with leakage or staining. The best part of course is that once I wore it, I didn’t feel like I was wearing one. No itching or scratching…just a natural feel. This is something that has to be used to be believed. Plus, I felt happy that I my carbon print was lesser than when I used a regular, plastic sanitary pad.


Price – A box of regular sized (280mm) 12 sanitary pads cost Rs. 239 which is more than double what regular sanitary pads in the market cost. But I think the favour you do to your body, plus the convenience of wearing this sanitary pad for a longer duration due to its super soft exterior makes up for the steeper price. This gets a big thumbs up from my side.


I use Azah sanitary pads (regular) for my high flow days, which last only for a couple of days. For higher flow, one can use their XL pads. I have tried those too, but I found the wings to easily come off and for the pad to curve inwards. I am not sure if this is the case with the quality of the pads or any other factor.

Do drop in a line if you have used this too, and do share what you feel of the product.

This impartial product review gyan comes to you with a super dose of self love and empowerment. Love your periods. 🙂