Eggless Carrot Cake

There is no doubt among my existing friends that I loooovve baking with eggs. There was no doubt in my mind that eggs lent a certain flavour and taste to the cake which other substitutes couldn’t. So I have resisted trying eggless recipes for almost all of my life…until now.

When you have a child many rational choices go down the drain, I know. But what I was not prepared is how like pets, they too change our lives to suit and revolve around them. Sucrose has a lot of friends who are vegetarians. She probably was one of the only two non-vegetarian girls in the school she had studied earlier. Since I liked to not just bake, but to also share, I had to take a call. Learn to bake a few good eggless cakes or hold my ‘piece’ for ever. (well okay, that’s an exaggeration).


I am completely prejudiced here, but except for a few good Indian bakers whose recipes I follow, I am mostly comfortable using a Western baker’s recipe. And cakes without eggs were not usually the norm abroad…until the ‘vegan’ movement came to be. So now we have a lot of vegan cakes and recipes made by good bakers.


I had shared a very nice recipe from divascancook website here, and now I am sharing this beautiful and amazingly tasty carrot cake that doesn’t have any egg. It uses only buttermilk and oil for texture (I think) but the proportions are perfect.


The recipe is available here: I have not changed a single element in the recipe, including the cream cheese glaze on the top. Except for the shape – I didn’t have a bundt cake tin, so


I poured the batter into two 6″ cake tins and cut them up separately. I couldn’t stack them as the two cakes were slightly thick. I should have probably poured the batter into 7 or 8 inch cake tins. Or else pouring the whole mix in a single 6″ or 7″ cake tin would have worked out well too.



I had prepared the glaze for the cake like Oriana had mentioned in the recipe but had added an overzealous pinch of salt. Combined with the cream cheese, this addition gave a slightly salty taste to the icing. But no one was complaining. :). For children, I think a regular chocolate or butter cream icing could work.


I am surprised by how much I loved the cake. My earlier outings with eggless recipes have not been the very best; I have had misgivings about the taste mostly. Although Sucrose’s birthday cake which I had baked and decorated was eggless, and though I received a lot of compliments for its taste and texture, I was somehow a bit skeptical about it.


But not with this one. This one right here is a must try recipe for people trying out eggless cakes. It is moist, tasty, soft and crumbly). It’s a perfect accompaniment to your tea or even to indulge in some guilt free pleasure. Thanks to Oriana of mummyshomecooking. 🙂

This yummy gyan comes to you with an extra dose of egg-free indulgence.