Product Review – Azah Sanitary Pads

It sometimes bothers me that mothers who pay through their noses for toys, experiences, food and dresses, think so much when it comes to alternatives to environmentally unfriendly things and physically . Take for example our sanitary pads.

We still use those plastic lined, chemically infused gel liners which nestle close to our vaginas, spewing heat and cancer inducing chemicals into our body, but think a million times more if we would have to buy a natural alternative at a higher cost. That of course goes for all shampoos, soaps and products we use on our skin. But today I would like to concentrate on our sanitary pads.

Personally, I think it is convenient to use sanitary pads as they are sturdy and useful in these busy times. But the problem is that they are hot, itchy and cause rashes easily. I have been looking for an alternative for quite sometime now and was happy to lay my hands on the very aesthetically designed sanitary pad – Azah.

Azah Sanitary Pads – Ultra Soft, Organic pads

Azah Sanitary Pads – An organic alternative during periods

Why Azah?


Because I like their write up on the back of the pad –

Feeling healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Make the switch, because your body deserves better.

So true, isn’t it? A healthier, hygienic ‘you’ is more rewarding to your loved ones and to yourself.


The Packaging – I love the aesthetic, pleasing design and especially the motif of a petal on the box. The whole box has light pink and purple flowers in a mild print. Inside the box, the pads have individual packs and are placed neatly in rows. It is very easy on the eye. There is even a note inside the pack which looks like a thoughtful gesture.


However, when I saw the individual pads having their own premium packs, I thought it was just a hype to charge more in the name of organic pads. Was there a need to have individual packs with premium packaging? As I figured out later, apparently it does. The individual packs can be disposed off in the same pack instead of having to search for a paper or a plastic wrap to do the same. Turns out that even that addition was thoughtfully done.

The Product – True to their claim, the pads are super soft and cottony to feel. The gum behind the pad is strong and adheres to the panty quite well. The wings are well placed and prevent the pad from slipping. I used a regular size as my period flow is not very heavy, and not once did I have a problem with leakage or staining. The best part of course is that once I wore it, I didn’t feel like I was wearing one. No itching or scratching…just a natural feel. This is something that has to be used to be believed. Plus, I felt happy that I my carbon print was lesser than when I used a regular, plastic sanitary pad.


Price – A box of regular sized (280mm) 12 sanitary pads cost Rs. 239 which is more than double what regular sanitary pads in the market cost. But I think the favour you do to your body, plus the convenience of wearing this sanitary pad for a longer duration due to its super soft exterior makes up for the steeper price. This gets a big thumbs up from my side.


I use Azah sanitary pads (regular) for my high flow days, which last only for a couple of days. For higher flow, one can use their XL pads. I have tried those too, but I found the wings to easily come off and for the pad to curve inwards. I am not sure if this is the case with the quality of the pads or any other factor.

Do drop in a line if you have used this too, and do share what you feel of the product.

This impartial product review gyan comes to you with a super dose of self love and empowerment. Love your periods. 🙂




Woman to Woman


Happy women’s day to you. How was the day? This year International Women’s Day’s campaign theme is #balanceforbetter.  It is aimed at achieving a gender-balance in the working world. That is so progressive and high up there as far as goals for working women’s rights go. It means that other parameters like exercising basic rights – right to education, right to work, right to speak, right to practice one’s beliefs, right to vote, right to give birth to a baby girl without facing backlash is already being worked on.

It isn’t. Not in all places in the world and especially so in our own country. While International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate working women’s rights, it is also being hailed as a day to celebrate womanhood. Many work spaces have tacky celebrations, half-hearted attempts, and misplaced  intentions, after which things get back to being the way they were. Big companies like Airtel, Indian Oil Corporation, Siemens, P&G and many others are yet to appoint an independent woman director as per regulations that come to effect on April 1st 2019. And these are the big guys; it is no brainer what the situation is like in smaller companies. This is the stark reality in the corporate sector these days.

My post today, however, is to bring attention to the numerous women whose lives are governed by the whims and fancies of other women. As mothers, wives, sisters, employees, friends, lovers, workers, law makers women have the power to change the lives of other women for the better and though fantastic attempts are made by some, it is no surprise that many fail and are the reason for an other woman’s misery. We hear of dowry deaths and female infanticide even now.


This day deigns to remind us that there are so many many women out there who don’t have basic rights or dignity in living. There are women who don’t have the freedom to make a choice without a man or another woman giving approval. And sometimes as fellow women we fail to understand these problems. The first step to women’s empowerment should be taken by other women. There should be compassion and empathy among other traits as we give other women their due. I pledge to do so this year.

I leave you with this eye-opening interview with Germaine Greer that was published in THE Hindu on March 8th . According to Wikipedia, Greer is a liberation (or radical) rather than equality feminist. Her goal is not equality with men, which she sees as assimilation and “agreeing to live the lives of unfree men”. She argues instead that liberation is about asserting difference and “insisting on it as a condition of self-definition and self-determination”. It is a struggle for the freedom of women to “define their own values, order their own priorities and decide their own fate”.


That pretty much defines my thoughts on the subject of Feminism. There are too many blurred areas and I need to dive deep to understand it. But for now, I am glad that women like Greer have identified and defined the nature of feminism.





2019 – A happy new year to you


A very happy New Year folks! As the new year unfolds with usual spiritedness, I wanted to reflect a bit on 2018, the year I started this blog. For that very reason, 2018 was special. When I started it I was not sure if I’d do justice to the blog and keep it alive. But I have pleasantly surprised myself. These blog posts that are up here have been a testament of some planning and prioritizing from my side. It was easy to simply give up sometimes and say that I am busy or that I have to write my other blog, but I persevered. And the credit for that goes to all those of you who have given your likes and comments to my posts and who have read a few and moved on. My heartfelt thanks.

2018 saw Sucrose reaching her 3rd year. And when I carry her sleeping form from the sofa to the bedroom inhaling the scent of her hair, feeling her soft skin against mine, I rue of the time passing by. It reminds me crushingly of such year ends marking the death of infanthood and babyhood…and soon toddlerhood. She’s heavy now, but she loves it when I cradle her or pick her up. How soon will it be before even that goes?


2019 promises to be big for us. Sucrose will be leaving her much loved Montessori school for regular schooling. I am yet to face the stress of admissions, interviews and her settling in. I feel as nervous as a mom who has a child writing board-exam :P. That queasiness aside, I am looking forward to her forging a new path and making the next school her own.

ban plastic

2019 also will be the year when  single-use plastic was getting banned. This is a first! I am super excited and very positive about this ban, as it matches my ideology. I have taken baby steps towards using environment-friendly, organic products in my daily life, but I have not given much thought towards use of plastic. I do have the right intention but I am never serious about it. I have long since started carrying my own steel water bottle, have stopped asking for plastic cutlery while ordering food, have used more glass containers and steel ones instead of plastic, use bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic ones and such. But I always have trouble carrying my cloth bag to buy vegetables and so end up bringing them in plastic bags. I of course re-use all of them mainly as garbage bin liners but it is not an ideal situation and it doesn’t match my ideal. This year, I hope to get serious about the plastic ban and embrace an environmental friendly lifestyle earnestly.

This year I hope to write more and be more consistent, probably trying to post every Friday. Fingers crossed that my goal doesn’t die a sad death as the quote written below.

new year resolution

Ah well, let’s cross that bridge when it comes. 😀


As with every new Year, I realize, my dreams are fresh and intentions serious and everything seems to be within my grasp. But would it all materialize…remains to be seen. Wish me luck!

dsc_1708 (2)

Once again, a happy New Year to all and here’s wishing this gyan reaches you with the promise of new beginnings, just like this dried up plant in my balcony pushed up a robust, green shoot up from the ground against all odds… and just as every new year should. :–)




Bamboo India Toothbrush Review

I’m excited today as my first bamboo toothbrush has been delivered. You heard that right…a toothbrush made of bamboo, not of plastic. And I love the feel and the look of the product already, which should not surprise me so much I guess as these nouveau, environment friendly products now do come in aesthetic, attractive packaging.

Here’s how the packaging looked.

The outer package

Pretty cool isn’t it? Or pretty and cool shall I say?

The toothbrushes come in this pack

These days (by now you know that that means from when I was pregnant with Sucrose), I take particular notice of anything that is environmental friendly or is organic or is farmer friendly. I have become that consumer who thinks she is doing her two bits to the society by placing her hard earned money on the roulette of improved health and safer environment. I know that it can boil down to a glorified feeling of social consciousness, but do believe me when I say that the reasons I have adopted such choices are because of Sucrose. (Flashing my beatific, angelic smile here).

I had seen Bamboo India’s video on WhatsApp where I was reminded of how every plastic tooth brush ever made – since the first in 1938 is present in our planet. Plastic toothbrushes make for the second largest waste after plastic bags and India uses 150 million brushes every MONTH. I immediately checked out their site and the products there which are rather few in number. Since I have been planning to get a proper toothbrush for Ana kutti, I jumped at the idea of starting her off with something like this – earth friendly and so hopefully body friendly.

Our charcoal bristle toothbrush

I like that it is light in the hand and is quite ergonomic. It is smooth and the bristles are soft. The bamboo is smooth because it is heat treated which carbonizes the surface to prevent growth of microbes, make it water resistant and improve its life span.  I had chosen a charcoal coated bristle one as S and I believe activated charcoal is good for removing impurities. Bamboo India assures that charcoal helps remove plaque, reduces teeth staining and reduces bad breath and odour.


Before the British came and colonized us and took is back in health in the name of modernization, we Indians were using only charcoal to brush our teeth. I remember using charcoal for brushing my teeth when I used to visit my home town in Kerala for the summer vacation during the early 80s. We city dwellers were mesmerized but dubious about using this spiky, silvery black powder for our teeth when our cousins were using it with ease.

I am going to inaugurate it tomorrow on Ana kutti’s teeth, secure in the knowledge that I am not adding to the plastic landfill and even though the bristles are not altogether completely bio degradable, they are at least less abusive than their plastic counterparts..

At 155 rupees per piece it is definitely steep and cannot be accommodated in budgets in houses with many members, I think this toothbrush can be started off on the youngest member of the family. They might contribute to a smaller carbon print at an early age at this rate.

This gyan comes to you with a frothy, environment-friendly smile on the side :).